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Yasmin Mohammed - Professional Pastry Chef and Owner of Cakehearts
"When we introduced the Cakehearts Pastry School we were having a bit of difficulty in tracking the ingredients the students were consuming, when we found out about Qoba it was easier for me to track the consumption of our ingredients directly through the App."
Dennis Ang'ani - Owner and Head Chef of Embark Restaurant
"Qoba has been one of the best things that has happened to Embark as a business because it helps give that overview from a business standpoint of how your business is operating."
Dennis Luke - Founder and Owner of Lukes Looks
“I am able to track my stock, how my partners are working, what products are moving, am I making profits, am I making losses, where do we need to adjust, what do I need to add to my business. I am able to track how I can reach my goals.”

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